cereals + healthy starts

A selection of popular cereals


Deluxe muesli




Bonallack original granola


Pot of Suffolk Meadow natural or Greek style yogurt


Pot of Suffolk Meadow natural yogurt


pastries, bread & toast

2 warmed pain au chocolat


1 or 2 warm plain croissant


Sandwiches + baguettes (1, 2 or 3 fillings) from

On white, wholemeal or granary bread or a fresh baked white baguette. Gluten free white or brown bread is also available.


Warm fillings:
freshly grilled back bacon
free range pork sausages vegetarian sausages (v)
fried eggs (v)
grilled tomatoes (v)
portobello field mushrooms (v)
free range black pudding


Cold fillings:

cheddar, brie or goats cheese
free range egg mayo (v)
tuna mayo
suffolk free range ham, free range chicken (+£1)
free range coronation chicken (+£1)
smoked salmon (+£1)
salad (v)
tomatoes (v)
avocado (v) king prawns (+£1)


Toast/bread + preserves
3 slices of locally baked farmhouse white, granary or wholemeal toast. (Gluten free white and brown bread is available)

A basket of fresh, locally baked cobs of white, granary and corn.


Help yourselves to our large range of local preserves from the jam and sauces station.


cooked breakfasts

suffolk free range breakfast
Two rashers of unsmoked dry-cure back bacon, two locally made premium pork sausages and two large free range eggs (any style)


free range ham & eggs
Local suffolk free range ham, baked in our kitchen and carved off the bone, with two large free range eggs (any style)


vegetarian breakfast (v)
Cauldron Lincolnshire vegetarian sausages, fresh tomatoes, large portobello mushroom and two large free range eggs (any style)


locally smoked kippers
Our generously sized kippers come from Pinney’s of Orford smokehouse on teh Suffolk coast. They’re cold-smoked over slow burning oak logs for a beautiful depth of flavour and delicate texture. Served on the bone. £10.90 if you’d like a pair. Add a poached egg for 90p.


on toast

two large free range eggs on toast (v)

Fried, poached, scrambled, boiled… we’ll cook your eggs to your liking.

House style – fried eggs served sunny side up

Poached eggs – cooked soft

Boiled eggs – served with toasted buttered soldiers

Scrambled eggs – made with creme fraiche & chives


mushrooms on toast (v)

Large portobello or small chestnut


Tomatoes on toast (v)

Fresh grilled vine or tinned plum


baked beans on toast (v)


smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast


customise your breakfast (exchange or add)

Eggs can be fried, scrambled, boiled or poached.

Bacon, unsmoked dry cured

Pork sausage/vegetarian sausage

Tomatoes – fresh grilled vine or tinned plums

Organic mushrooms: large whole portobello or chestnut (small)

Potatoes: sauteed new pots, or bubble and squeek

Sauteed lambs kidney (+£1)

Black pudding

Baked beans

Fried bread

2 slices of bread or toast